Monday, October 11, 2010

Kem Rimba Ilmu 2010

date : 8th - 10th October
location : Perkhemahan Kokurikulum Juasseh
mood: tired. sometimes happy, sometimes languish
overall: not that bad
conclusion. solemnly swear, not going there anymore ;)

the well-built camp. it's iqlima's. mine is on right hand side of this photo

it's ours. not yet stand.

she's the leader for the girls. its ekin! 

waiting for morning activity. its boring. and this is the result ;)

'kembara ilmu' time. the girl's team is on the way 

first day activity. visiting to 'gula enau' process. 

its the boy team! on our last night there


  1. wow!
    bestnye. :))
    tapi dah lame x g camping. :(

  2. lama tak pergi?
    meaning pernah pergi lah ya?
    saya baru first time pergi camping yang tidur dalam camp. heee =)

  3. ko mmg..
    ko ni ulat buku..
    psl sukan mmg out hbs kn...

  4. ulat buku?
    eake? macam salah fakta je.hehehee
    minat lah sukan. siapa kata tidak heh