Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where are you?

i miss my abang
for a quite long time
he never texting me
neither calling me
i wonder how he is now
what he's doing now?
has he finish his study?

why must the silence?
maybe he has a girlfriend
but what about me?
i'm his sister
i'm his friend
does he know that?
how could he do this to me
i'm missing him
day by day
i do waiting for his call and message
but its useless

i don't care if you have your sweetheart
but please do remember that i'm once your buddie
when you have no one
please appreciate what i've done to you last days


  1. hahaha..sengal ko an..tepon jela abg ko tu..nk gak post kat sni..mamat

  2. malulah kalau kita yang call dia..
    entah memang dia dah lupa ke apa.hemm