Wednesday, January 19, 2011


there is a boy. who love his girl so much
he would do anything for her
he loves his girl, just the way she is
even though the girl is not that pretty enough
to compare with other girls
but yet, his girl is everything to him
she might be quite humorous
but he found out that nothing is wrong with it
she is the not so-called a girly
with all the harsh words and acts
but still, he loves his girl the most
lots of girls do have feelings towards him
but nothing can change his love for his girl
even all the girls hate his girl so much
he will stand upon his girl and would say
"it's okay. i still love you"

He loves her. He misses her. He needs her

he might be not that romantic person
he might be awkward to act for it
but he is a lovable man
and he knows how to love his girl
and give the best he can give to the girl he loves
well that is so-called...

p/s: my dear sayang, appreciate of what you have now.
and thanks to Allah, as He gives you the man into your life.
I would pray for your happiness

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