Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thanks Mak for Remind Me

while washing the dishes and try the fastest way to clean up the mess in the sink, mak said this to me.

mak: how are you with him?

me: with whom?

mak: *tuut*

me: what's wrong with him? 

mak: do you have any feeling towards him?

me: what do you mean?

mak: yelah. do you like him?

me: ahah! what? (so surprise and have a big laugh like I cant believe she would say like that)

mak: I just wanna know. do you like him or not

me: hem. I don't know. why?

mak: I can tell that you like him. I can see that you do. You're being jealous when you told me about the girl who tried to tackle him.

me: maakkk.. haha. 

Adik interrupted and said "yes she is"

mak: see? so do you yuni?

me: hem. sort of. (started to blush)

mak: it's okay to like him or having feelings towards him. ( I tried to interrup)

me: but I dont wanna think about it. I try not to have that feeling anymore

mak: than it would be the best way. I dont say that you cant like someone. but for your age, it's quite too early for that thing to think about.

me: I know. even some of my friends, their mother have agreed with their choices to like someone, for me, it's kind of early for that.

mak: yes. that's true. for your age frankly is okay to start having feeling towards boys, but I still afraid for you. I dont want you to mess up your mind with things like this. I dont want that thing to affect your study. after your STPM, than it's okay for you. I can give my bless for you to do that. like anyone who you think good for you and nice to me and ayah. if you like *tuut*, than please dont take it too serious. or you might disappointed one day. just go with the flow. kalau betul dia yuni punya, dia akan bersungguh-sungguh. kita jangan terlalu sayang sangat dengan sesorang. takut tak jadi. please dont take it too serious. faham tak?

me: I do. thanks mak. I try not to have feeling towards him. I want to focus in my study. 

But I dont think that I'm ready for that thing when I study in universities. I'm not ready enough.

p/s: don't take it too serious. just go with the flow. note that ayuni!

p/p/s: and I dont think that he likes me too. so stop your feeling now! ngeh! :D