Friday, March 11, 2011

Selamat Belajar

at 2.30 pm
adik left our house
she's attending her school programme 
for about 4days 
and it supposedly end on Monday
oh God!
i feel like crying!!
when she started packing her things
when she gather up her books
when she's ironing her kurungs
i was like.... speechless
all i can do is look and stare
say nothing
and seriously. i wanna cry
it's not that this is the first she went for school programme for a long time
but hello. this week is school holidays
school holidays mean that we're supposed to have free from school
now i'm alone
but it's okay
i still have my sister
and today she'll back home
thank kakak sebab balik :)
you teman eh tidur malam ni? *whink whink*

p/s: belajar rajin-rajin adik. jangan banyak borak. rindu yuni, call okay?

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