Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I wonder...

when you smile at me
I wonder...
how sincere your smile is?
is your smile comes from the bottom of your heart?
are you smile at me as the same as you smile to the other girls?
are your smile is one of your way to show that you have a feeling as I do?

cause when I smile at you
all I do is smiling as sincere as I can
praying that you will understand
as if my smile is only for you
and I have a crush on you

when you look at me
I wonder...
what are you thinking?
what are you going to say to me?
did you feel the same as I do?

cause when I look at you
all I do is staring at you
hoping that you will realize  
that I want you by my side
as if my heart is falling for you
but there is nothing that I can do

"that should be me holding you hand. that should be me making you laugh. 
that should be me this is so sad. that should be me... that should be me..."

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