Saturday, February 20, 2016


Baru lepas kemas itu, kemas ini, jemur kain, basuh baju kerja. Penat. Terus bukak laptop. Dan tadaa..


Angin tak ada. Ribut tak ada. Khabar tak ada. Berita tak ada. Apatah lagi jemputan. Alih-alih nampak kat Facebook. Why? Kenapa tak cakap? Kenapa tak bagitau? I know I'm not important at all to you. But I'm a friend. We're used to be so close that you always call and text me.

Maybe mom was right. I'm too harsh, cold and senseless. Or maybe it really is my fault. I push you. I push people away.

To be honest, I was hoping miracle to happen. But never mind. And yes, this untold news really breaks my heart. I'm not quite sure of the reason why am I being like this, it's just.... hurts.

After all, I'm glad we are best friends. WERE best friends I guess, starting from now on.

Happy Marriage, dear you. Wishing you the best this world could give.